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Elizabeth Youth T.O.D.A.Y.


Elizabeth Youth T.O.D.A.Y.

Recreation and activities for the youth and adolescents of Elizabeth, coordinated by the City of Elizabeth Office of Youth Services and Department of Recreation.

Recreation and Programs

Recreation Centers

  • Elmora Racquet Club
    • This Center includes a children's playground as well as an all-weather tennis court, available for use by all City of Elizabeth residents. In addition, there is a dance studio and classes, such as Ballet, Flamenco, and Tap, offered at this site. Classes are held during the hours of 5:00pm and 9:30pm Monday through friday. They are offered for both boys and girls ages 5-17, beginning in October and ending in April or May.
  • Fred Erxleben Recreation Center
    • This Center is home to the Tony Orlando, Sr. Boxing Gtm as well as after-school activities for ages 3 to 7 from3:00pm to 7:00pm. provided in conjunction with the Union County Boys & Girls Club. It has a gymnasium with a seating capacity for approximately 500 spectators. There is a game room with Pool and Ping Pong tables.  A Summer Day Camp is also held during the months of July and August; along with Symmer Food Program.  Outside activities include a playground area with swings and a slide, an Olympic-size Swimming Pool, and a lighted ball field.
  • Mickey Walker Center
    • This Center is home to a gymnasium with a capacity for approximately 500 spectators. The Summer Day Camp program is held during the months of July and August; along with the Summer Food Program. Outside activities include a playground area and the largest municipal spray-splash park in Union County. After-school activities, offered in conjunction with the United Youth of New Jersey, also take place at this site.
  • Miller-Evans-Logan Center
    • This Center is home to a gymnasium with a seating capacity of approximately 500 spectators for basketball, volleyball, and soccer games. In addition, a game room is availavle as well as a Summer Day Camp in July and August; along with the Summer Food Program. There is a playground area located outside of the Center and after-school activities are provided in conjunction with the E-Port Club.
  • Pool
    • Elizabeth has One (1) indoor/in-ground swimming pool that is open to the public. The swimming pool, which is run by the Department of Recreation, is fully staffed with certified lifeguards and opens to the public on July 4th of every year and runs through September, Labor Day being the last day. The swimming pool is open Monday through Friday between the hours of 12:00pm-6:00pm. *There is no entrance fee.* The swimming pool is located at the Fred Erxleben Recreation Center: 
      • 513-151 Richmond Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
      • Phone: 908-820-2852
  • Spray Fountains and Parks
    • Elizabeth has a total of seven (7) Spray Fountains and one (1) Spray Park throughout the City. The SPray Fountains and Spray Park, which are run by the Department of Recreation, operate from the months of June through September, Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00am-8:00pm. *There is no enterance fee.*
      • Green Acres
        • 169 Bellevue Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07208
      • Jackson Park
        • 204-243 Broadway, Elizabeth, NJ 07206
      • Jefferson Park
        • 441-487 Jefferson Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
      • Kellog Park
        • 1145 Fanny Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07201
      • Lynch Memorial
        • 1151 Fairmount Avenue, Elizabeth, Nj 07201
      • O'Brian Park
        • 641-657 Third Avenue, Elizabeth, NJ 07202
      • Miller Playground
        • 715-733 South Park Street, Elizabrth, NJ 07206
      • Location for Spray Park: Micker Walkeer Recreation Center
        • 800-860 Anna Street, Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Adolescent Programs

  • Safe Haven Program
    • The Safe Haven Program provides a safe, structured, and nururing environment for the children and families of Elizibeth port. Safe Haven organizes activities where the community can interact with local police officers, demonstrating positive role models in the community. The Program also offers an alternative to negatice activities by creating a place where children can be accepted and achieve. There are various programs for children ages 6-14
  • Elizabeth Municipal Alliance
    • The Elizabeth Municipal Alliance Committee (EMAC) serves the City of Elizabeth located in the County of Union. Our primary goal is to meet the needs of the city's children, parents, and community members by enhancing and expanding the quality of services offered.
  • Pre-Adolescent Youth Programs
    • Special Opportunities for Achiebement and Reawakening- S.O.A.R.
      • Administered by the Office of Youth Services, S.O.A.R. delivers services to children and families from the community. The purpose of the program is to encouraage community participation by stressing the importance of providing a dafe environment, which is alcohol, tobacco, and drug free. S.O.A.R. also emphasizes the importance of educational achievement, recreational activities, and counseling for youth ages 5-14 and their families.
    • Day Camps
      • The city of Elizabeth runs a total of five (5) summer day camps. The Programs run during the months of July and August with two (2) sessions. Each session rns for a four (4) week period. For registration, please contact the Department of Recreation during the middle of June at any of the following phone numbers: 908-820-4220~908-820-4221~908-820-4222
  • C.O.D.E. Youth Program
    • Challenge Organize Develop and Empower (C.O.D.E.) Youth Program
      • The C.O.D.E. Youth Program is an agency in Elizabeth, in collaboration eith the City of Elizabeth and Department of Neighborhood Services, that will provide services to youths. the C.O.D.E. Youth advisory council are proffessionals; attorneys, law enforcement officers, media educational and religious leaders who are active in civic and community affairs within Union County.
  • Building Future Leaders
    • Building Future Leaders Program (BFL) is the newest afterschool program for teens to raise their community awareness and buld leadership skills. It is coordinated and supervised by The City of Elizabeth Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Youth Services. This program will bring together a diverse group of high school students to receive mentoring, explore various art forms, plan and promote community events, plus volunteer within the community.
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