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Rainbow Families of New Jersey


Rainbow Families of New Jersey (RFNJ) is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501(c3) organization dedicated to serving the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual (LGBT) parents, their children, and those interested in becoming parents.

Our Mission

The mission of Rainbow Families of New Jersey (RFNJ) is four-fold:

  • To provide a means for New Jersey’s LBGT parents to form community.


  • To support LGBT people in their efforts to become parents.


  • To foster an awareness of and respect for LGBT-headed households to the general public.
  • To advocate for the issues and concerns that face LGBT-headed families

Rainbow Families of New Jersey (RFNJ) organizes and sponsors a diverse series of events throughout the year. We aim to provide social events where kids can have fun, parents and prospective parents can meet and network with one another, and our children can see other families like theirs.

Rainbow Families hosts an educational and community-building LGBT Family Conference every two years. The Conference includes workshops for LGBT adults who are considering parenting, for LGBT parents who are managing unique issues, and for kids of LGBT parents ages 8 through 17. The Conference also provides childcare for those under 8 in order to allow their parents to attend the workshops.

RFNJ offers a variety of support groups within our larger membership.

  • Starting Our Rainbow Families
    • A support group for those beginning to create their families or considering becoming parents.


  • Dad’s Group
    • A support group for GBT dads and their kids.


  • Local Playgroups
    • Playgroups are formed by county and typically meet monthly.  Current playgroups include Essex, Bergen, Monmouth/Ocean, and Mercer counties.


    • Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere (COLAGE) NJ is the NJ chapter of National COLAGE which is dedicated to supporting older kids (8-18) of LGBT parented households. 

RFNJ provides several means for members to communicate with one another, share and exchange information. This includes:

  • Producing a quarterly Newsletter.


  • Providing email updates and action alerts on critical happenings.


  • Providing members with an annual Membership Directory.
  • Inviting members to join our Yahoo Listserv. Listserv participants can use a single email address to share information, pose questions, and communicate with other RFNJ members.  

Members can tap into RFNJ’s knowledge of the resources serving the LGBT family community. RFNJ kids have the opportunity to meet each other and to form their own friendships and support networks. We also invite members to join RFNJ in advocating for the rights of our families.

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  • Adults
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Last Updated: 07/15/16