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Sensory Bounce® Therapy is a sensory, motor and social skills program. Small group therapy sessions integrate ideal sensory equipment with occupational therapy -- and endless fun! -- in the dynamic environment of an indoor inflatable bounce facility. Sensory Bounce® Therapy provides revolutionary services for children with: Autism Autistic spectrum disorders Sensory processing difficulties ADHD Gross motor skills delays Social skills delays Any motor and/or social difficulties that interfere with their ability to function The bounce facility's challenging inflatables and stimulating environment are the perfect combination to help address the following sensory motor skills: Balance Stamina and independence Core control Gross motor Timing Bilateral integration Body in space awareness Motor planning Fine motor By using a natural play environment, Sensory Bounce® Therapy sessions allow special needs children to partake in a fun activity which their typically-developing peers often enjoy. This facilitates social skills such as: Eye contact Language Impulse control Turn taking Sensory modulation Frustration tolerance Team building Sportsmanship Sensory Bounce® Therapy Program Was developed in 2013 by Miriam Skydell, a pediatric OT with 30 years experience Is currently operating in various locations on the east coast Runs all year long Holds weekly sessions in 1-month intervals Sessions are led by an experienced OT or speech therapist and their assistants Works with 1:2 adult to child ratios Offers small group sizes of 8 to 10 children Provides parents a separate area to meet while children are in class So much fun, they won't believe it's therapy!

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Last Updated: 06/22/22