About Us

Families And Community Together: FACT  is the Union County Care Management Organization (CMO) that designs, implements and manages Individual Service Plans (ISP) for children with complex needs. FACT identifies and purchases a full range of treatment and support (wraparound) services.

FACT is a part of New Jersey’s Children's System of Care (CSOC) which strives to get children with emotional and behavioral problems and their families the services when and where they need them.

Our Mission
To partner with youth, families, and their community to develop plans that will help the youth achieve stability, positive change, and success at home, school, and in their community.

Our Goals
To engage families in identifying the needs of their children and to include them in the planning and implementation of their children’s individualized service plans.

To partner with community agencies and neighborhood groups in Union County, who will assist with the needs of the children and their families. FACT works closely with the Union County Family Support Organization (FSO), which provides information, advocacy and support for families whose children are enrolled in FACT.

To work closely with government entities and providers to identify and remove barriers to care.

Our Services

  • FACT provides intensive care management to children referred by the Department of Children and Families through the Contracted Systems Administrator, PerformCare, a central assessment agency.
  • FACT identifies the resources necessary to meet the needs of the family.
  • FACT monitors progress toward the families’ goals.
  • FACT supports the development of community services for families.

All agencies and community organizations are welcome to be a part of the network of care for FACT families and the Child and Family Team encourages their participation in planning services. Services may include clinical, educational, vocational and residential services, or other services that help the family establish strong, long-term bonds with the community, such as support groups, mentoring programs, peer advocates, sports and art programs.