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Lion Health Initiative

Lion Health Initiative Summary


Lion Health Initiative focuses on youth development, knowledge building and linking youth to community events to address Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Believing community building through individual development is how generational networks are built and maintained.


Lion Health seeks to transfer knowledge and lessons through sharing and processing anecdotal experiences used to navigate adolescence and find tools that can carry participants through the transition into adulthood. We implement wraparound supports and ongoing trainings to help actuate plans to identify and help youth address ACEs. LHI works with youth and their support teams to identify strengths in educational, vocational, leisure and other areas of life to help identify and treat ACEs at the earliest time post trauma-exposure.

Benefits of Participating Include:

Resources Available

Participants can request assistance with obtaining vital documents to prepare for future goals such as applying to schools, traveling, employment searches.

Support Available

Specialized focused mentoring meeting youth at their strengths.

Assisting youth with Developmental Disabilities

Increasing their independence. Expanding communication and body language awareness to promote a comfortable socialization environment.

Supporting Youth Involved in Delinquency

Addressing community-based trauma and situations which put personal health or wealth at risk of being incapacitated.

Wellness Checks

Taking care of yourself and finding safe spaces. Having productive conversations and planning for the future at youth’s pace.

Financial Education

Defining goals and personalizing your wealth building journey. Investing in yourself through crypto, stocks or a new job?

Understanding expenses and how to manage your circumstances.

Educational/Vocational Information

Outlining educational/vocational goals. What sector would you like to work in, why and how will you get there?

Set a timeline, find the process, and start it!

Find out more about topics below or ask about how interests and skills can become careers:

a. College

b. Real Estate

c. Tax Preparer

d. Online Income

e. Fashion

f. Entrepreneurship

Examples of Experiential Learning Activities

Hikes and Bikes

College Tours

Sporting events

Volunteer work

Provider events

Job Fairs


Community Resources

Community Agencies

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  • Children
  • Adolescents
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Employment / Training
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  • Self Pay
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  • Spanish
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  • Essex County
  • Passaic County
  • Union County

Last Updated: 01/27/23